Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What You Need To Know About Whole House Humidifiers

The people of West Michigan have been experiencing frigid weather the last couple of months.  Cold temperatures means there is a low amount of moisture in the air which affects your body in several different ways.  If you're experiencing Dry Skin, Static Electricity, Sore/Scratchy Throat, and Dry Eyes a low humidity level in your home could be the cause.  Luckily there is a solution and that is a Whole House Humidifier. We recommend these types of humidifiers because they work in conjunction with the furnace and provide the best results and is a whole house solution.

Steam Humidifier- These are the most efficient type of humidifiers. The ratio of moisture to water is 1:1.  In other words, it takes 1 gallon of water to make one gallon of moisture.  The humidifier creates the steam and simply blows steam into the supply duct and is distributed via the duct system in your home.  We suggest these type of humidifiers if you have wood floors, instruments, or carvings. 

Fan Powered Humidifier-  The ratio for a Fan Powered Humidifier is 3:1.  So in essence it takes 3 gallons of water to create 1 gallon of moisture.  The furnace must be running for the humidifier to work, so essentially it would have to run for 24 hours straight to make 18 gallons of moisture. These are the most popular type of humidifiers that we sell and work great.    

Bypass Humidifier-  The ratio for a Bypass is 4:1. So it takes 4 gallons of water to make one gallon of moisture. There is a 6" duct that runs from the duct to the humidifier, the air is pushed over the humidifier pad and absorbs the water. The air then goes into the duct work and is distributed into the home. These are the most economical type of Humidifier that we sell.

Whole House Humidifiers range in price depending on the features and type of the humidifier.  We offer Warranties with our installation and the job can usually be done in 3-5 hours.  We suggest having a free estimate done on these, as you are making changes to your heating and cooling system, it needs to be done professionally.

Thank you for reading our blog, our goal is to bring you informative information so you can make knowledgeable decisions when it comes the heart of your home- your HVAC system.