Thursday, October 13, 2016

Four Essential Benefits of Regular Furnace Tune Ups

With time, the furnace system is susceptible to various problems and may end up malfunctioning if not inspected regularly. A single heating and cooling system can have more than 20 parts, and each one of them can break down. This can cause increased heating costs, operating failure, and internal air pollution. However, these problems can be avoided by regular furnace repair and tune-ups.

Ensure Safety to Family Members

A furnace burns fossil fuel and releases combustion gasses that contain harmful elements such as methane, carbon monoxide, small amounts of sulfur dioxide, and VOCs. By design, furnaces should release these gases outside a building. However, it may malfunction and emit these gasses in the home. Tune-ups can help to prevent indoor air pollution and reduce health risks for family members.

Lessen the Chance of Breakdowns

Systems tend to break down when they are consistently working hard, like during the cold season or a holiday when there are many guests at home. During these cases, the furnace has to work harder to maintain the indoor temperature. This increase in runtime increases the chances of a breakdown. With regular tune-ups and maintenance, it's possible to keep the furnace running seamlessly.

Keep Heating Costs Down

According to Energy Star, a heating and cooling system accounts for 46 percent of the utility bill for a 3,000 square foot single-family home. Malfunctioning heating systems tend to consume a lot of energy, and this is reflective in the bill. By regularly maintaining the furnace, homeowners can reduce energy costs.

Boost the Unit's Lifespan

Homeowners who experience a consistently broken down unit may need to replace it sooner. The Department of Energy encourages homeowners to invest in regular furnace maintenance to save money while boosting the longevity of their units. Typically, the longer a unit can keep running, the more money a homeowner can save. Replacing a unit can be costly as some good options range from $3,000 – $10,000.

Homeowners who practice regular furnace repair and maintenance can rest easy knowing they're reducing unnecessary costs while keeping their furnace running for years to come.