Thursday, September 4, 2014

Bryant Introduces Extreme V Heat Pump

Schaafsma Heating and Cooling Offers New Evolution V Heat Pump

Schaafsma Heating and Cooling is now offering the new Evolution V Heat Pump, the latest innovative option for heating in Grand Rapids and the surrounding areas. The Evolution V Heat Pump not only guarantees maximum warmth and comfort, but may also help save money with it's energy-efficient operations.

HVAC consumers throughout Michigan now have more options for heating! Grand Rapids company, Schaafsma Heating and Cooling, recently added the Evolution V Heat Pump to their extensive list of available HVAC products.

HVAC contractors Schaafsma Heating and Cooling are now providing the highly innovative Bryant-manufactured Evolution V Heat Pump for clients throughout Grand Rapids and the surrounding communities. Consumers gearing up for the upcoming winter months may consider taking advantage of the variable-speed heat pump highly recommended for heating in homes outside the city limits of Grand Rapids.

Our newest introduction, the Evolution V Heat Pump, is guaranteed to provide our clients a highly upgraded experience as it delivers high standards of warmth, comfort, and efficient heating Grand Rapids area residents are searching for, The Evolution V will not only provide heating, but will also cool and provide the most superior humidity control when the summer months come along. Finally, this energy-saving product can also help consumers save money in the long run, especially for people who use propane. 

Equipped with intelligent control and variable-speed operation to match performance to current conditions, the highly energy-efficient Evolution V Heat Pump offers a smooth and consistent year-round temperature control when matched with compatible indoor equipment. The Evolution V Heat Pump significantly differs from other mainstream heat pumps in its ability to run at a consistently low speed, reducing temperature swings. Additionally, consumers may use Internet Access to monitor, changes and control the system if optional remote connectivity is installed.

The Evolution V Heat Pump provides additional options for propane and fuel users to have efficient cooling and heating in Grand Rapids and the surrounding areas.